Posted on: April 14, 2008 8:39 pm

What Is Growing In Your Gardens ?

So whats everyone going to grow or already has growing this year.

As for me I have several varieties of Daffodils, early mid and late bloomong varietires, milti-flowering and double flowering varieties. Some all yellow some whitre with yellow centewr and some yellow with red centers.

Tulips too many varieties to mention, red white yellow purple and multicolored.

Hyacinths in yellow white pink red purple and blue.

Day Lillies, Asian Liillies

Peonies, red white and pink

White Shasta Daisies

a flowering White Star Magnolia

Beared Iris Cerulean Blue and white with Yellow beards.

English Tea Roses (red)

White and Purple Lilacs


Now onto the Urban Orchard



Grapes (white seedless and red seedless)

Red Lake Currants

Red Rasberries


Thats what I have so far but I will probably add another grape (concord) and when I get rid of the dying maple I may add another fruit  tree.


The perennial flower beds are becoming too thick and will have to be dug up this fall and everything divided. (More Flowers) in expanded beds. The peonies are monsters and I dont know what to do with them.
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